Xhacknight is back.

a Cross Platform Mobile Hackathon using Xamarin and Azure Cognitive Services.

Bengaluru, IN | OCT 07-08 2017

Break Out of your Comfort Zone!

Take a second to think about what distinguishes you as a coder. Is it your impressive ability to stay functional for 24 hours? Or maybe it's your unmatched ability to maintain a sense of humor, even when the Gods of Code decide to pick on you that day?
While these are impressive, what distinguishes you coders from others, is your unparalleled PASSION for what you do. It's time to pack your bags and join us for this Xhacknight.

This season, you will not just build apps but build them with brains. In short, supercharge your apps with Artificial intelligence by leveraging Azure Cognitive services, Bot framework, CoreML and other deep learning techniques Learn to make your apps standout and hack your ideas all night. Don't forget to bring your laptops!



To transform your idea into an intelligent mobile app, you definitely need some expert guidance. On OCT 7th (Day 1), Starting from 9:30 AM till afternoon, our experts will train you.


Do you have an ability to easily process immense amounts of Caffeine ? Start the hack on Day 1 and stay awake till 5 PM on Day 2. Turn your ideas into an awesome app. Don't have an idea? Don't worry. Hack through a challenge that we throw at you.


Prizes and lots of awesomeness including Swags, T-Shirts and fun activities to make you laugh, shout, tweet and obviously code.


    Note: If you do not have an Azure account, we will give you free passes at the venue.


We ❤ them. They bring us good food and awesome prizes.


You can reach here by any means of transport !
Xebia IT Architects India Pvt Ltd
3rdFloor Wing A, Indiqube Alpha Building, Panathur Junction,
Marathahalli, Sarjapur Outer Ring Road,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103


Go through the prerequisites carefully before registration.

You should be a team of Min. 1 and Max. 3. All team members should register.

For any queries, Contact: hack@xhackers.co


Xhackers Organizer | Microsoft MVP

Swaminathan Vetri

The one that puts it all together.

Xhackers Member | Principal Consultant

Sarthak Mahapatra

The one that contributes

Xhackers Member | Senior Consultant

Abhishek Gupta

The one that contributes

Xhackers Member | Fantacode


The one that contributes

Xhackers Member | Director IT

Vic Parmar

The one that contributes

Director, Xamariners

Ben Ishiyama-Levy

The international guy

Xamarin Guy

Anubhav Ranjan

The guy who works at Microsoft

Xamarin Guy

Nish Anil

The guy who works at Microsoft

Xamarin Guy

Mayur Tendulkar

The guy who works at Microsoft